Located at 1482 meters above sea level, the ancient village dating back to the early 1600s.
Its ancient huts are now almost completely restored, with great attention to the preservation of nature and rustic of the past.


The hamlet relies on an active community of people  that always contributes to its developement and its servicing.

As once they are still in place: the figure of Mansia, spokesman of the municipality in the village; and corvée, organized days where people are dedicated to cleaning and maintenance of the village itself.

The project re-paving of the ancient village, based on replacing the asphalt with a characteristic cobbled stone, began several years ago. Thanks to the contribution of the owners of the houses and to the will of Mansia the firsth lots have already been completed and nexts are programmed.

The wood oven of the township has been rebuilt and is lit during the community festivities  to allow the baking of bread and typical dishes like glôre of potato.

To permit, organize and facilitate these and other projects is born  "La Flammë 'd Lâ Stîëra": an association sociocultural apolitical, nondenominational and non-profit born from the desire of the local families and vacationers to keep alive the spirit of the township Soucheres of Basses.
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You will be surrounded  by nature: the village is departure of suggestive walks in summer and winter, for all preparation levels. 

You can explore our mountains by mountain bike taking advantage of the free bicycle storage facility

In winter you can wear a pair of snowshoes and climb the snow-covered trails

The property is located less than 15 minutes from the ski area Vialattea, if you prefer to ski in fresh snow Pragelato Natural Terrain is for you: you can take advantage of the lifts open to access a large area, natural and free of downhill slopes, dedicated to freeriding


Su di noi

CasaGrande è una realtà a conduzione famigliare dal 2006. Si trova nell'antico borgo di Soucheres Basses a Pragelato ed è aperta tutto l'anno.

Dove Siamo

CasaGrande è situata a Soucheres Basses un'antica borgata di Pragelato.
Casa Grande
Via Grande 6
Fraz. Soucheres Basses
10060 Pragelato (TO)

I nostri servizi

- Attrezzature per bambini
- Deposito sci
- Deposito bici
- Letti aggiuntivi
- Convenzioni con i ristoranti tipici